Femme Frontera Children’s Showcase

Photo by Monica Lozano Photography

Photo by Monica Lozano Photography

About the films

Children, ages 5 to 17, from El Paso, Texas bravely share films about Latinx identity, girl power, animal rights, activism in the LGBTQ community, and immigrant rights.

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Hidden in Plain Sight - Zoe Vandermeulen

Sticky Fingers - Anali Sigala

Hope - Alex (Slayer) Sigala

Meet a Civil Rights Activist - Leila DiPascuale, Alia DiPascuale, Annelise Herrera

Views of South El Paso Street - Jack River

SuperGirls - Anya Tures, Clio Bach, Calista Nicholson, Amaia Kapenga

Thoughts in my Head - Sam Hernandez

Time Traveling Pigeon - Ruby Hernandez, Rafael Humberson, Adelyn Herrera

Max Movie! - Max Lozano

Randomness - Seferino Harrison-Valdez, Nicodemus Harrison-Valdez, Mateo Burlingame

See the Difference - Denisse Marquez